7 Things That Seem Like a Good Idea at First (But Aren’t) « Pun Intended
Written by Flying LlamaFish

1. A Rousing Game of Monopoly

Photo by .A.A.

Playing Monopoly with a few friends or loved ones may seem like a delightful way to spend a Sunday afternoon, but it’s not. After 12 hours of bailing yourself out of jail and paying imaginary taxes, you simply don’t give an armadillo’s hiney if someone lands on your precious Boardwalk hotel.

Rumor has it that only a few brave men and women have ever completed an entire game.

2. Eating a Hot Pocket

Photo by Nestlé

When hunger strikes at 3 a.m., a microwavable Hot Pocket is just what the taste buds ordered. But beware… Nobody has ever consumed a Hot Pocket and not lived to regret it.

3. Pulling an All-Nighter

Photo by striatic

Dedicating an entire night to fighting sleep appears to be a promising endeavor at first glance. Whether you burn the midnight oil to be productive, or simply wish to have an extra eight hours of fun, you will feel like a real-life zombie by the time the sun rears its luminous head and the birds start chirping.

4. Ant Farms

Photo by Shabby Chica

Question: Who wouldn’t want to watch an entire miniature world prosper within the confines of their bedroom?

Answer: You, when you come to the realization that you have an army of nasty insects (which you received in the mail) living in your bedroom.

5. Crowd Surfing

Photo by icanteachyouhowtod it

Seeing your favorite band live can be truly exhilarating. You may get so into the music that you feel inclined to crowd surf. It seems like so much fun and you’re feeling uninhibited, so you go for it. You take a leap of faith into the heads of the crowd. You spend a good thirty seconds being passed along until you are eventually dropped flat on your face.

6. Cheap Chinese Food

Photo by ami23le

When you are starving and come across cheap Chinese food, it can be hard to resist. When you are offered a free sample, there’s no turning back. The sample always explodes with flavor and tastes absolutely delicious. You conclude that getting an entire meal will hit the spot, and you make the plunge. It tastes heavenly for a few bites, but then quickly begins to make you feel queasy. If you manage to eat it all, your poor stomach will need a few solid hours to recover.

Most of us tend to repeat this mistake at least a few times a year, despite “learning our lesson.”

7. Wearing an Elaborate, Uncomfortable Halloween Costume

Photo by qwrrty

Halloween is arguably the most fun holiday of the year, and there is no shame in going all out. But, when you wear that intricate gorilla suit (complete with realistic fur) to your best pal’s Halloween party, you will learn to regret it.

After an hour of blistering heat, limited sight, and unbearable itching, the majority of your costume will be resting on a table next to the refreshments and you will look like a half-primate freak.

73 Responses to “7 Things That Seem Like a Good Idea at First (But Aren’t)”
  1. Writer Dad says:

    Every single one of these is funny. The last two are my favorite. Good chinese – few things better; bad chinese – I’d rather eat dog food.

  2. Davina says:

    Pulling an all-nighter is something to be proud of! 🙂 When you’re in college that is.

  3. Writer Dad: Thank you! I am completely with you that few things are better than quality Chinese food.

    Davina: I agree with you that there is a level of pride in defeating sleep. If you can sleep all afternoon the next day, all-nighters aren’t bad… but when you are busy the entire day following an all-nighter, with no time for catch up sleep, it is painful to be awake after a while.

  4. Vered says:

    I love the food-related items. Hot pockets, bad Chinese food, can I add microwave dinner? I don’t know that I would rather have dog food as Writer Dad suggests, but I would definitely rather stay hungry.

  5. I’ll pass on the monopoly! Though, I may take up the Chinese food. And so true about ant farms.

  6. Vered: Microwave dinners is a good one! Whenever I have made the mistake of eating one, I immediately regret it.

    Bamboo: Don’t give into the temptation of cheap Chinese food. Your stomach will not be happy with you.

  7. Hi FlyingLlamaFish,

    I’m thinking, some of these really don’t sound like good ideas at all. There was a day when pulling an all nighter was “fun”, but then I slept the whole next day. It kinda defeated the purpose of the all nighter.

  8. … can you imagine combining all7 activities into one fun-packed evening?

    This October 31st, why not invite round some friends dressed as furry animals to play an overnight game of Monopoly over a tasty meal of chow mein followed by a Hot Pocket dessert with the winner celebrating by being tossed in the air by the gigantic mutant ants you’ve fed on a diet of MSG from the cheap Chinese food

    A perfect night of entertainment, if I’m not mistaken…

  9. Marelisa says:

    This was great (and I like Scott pulling them all together in one giant live-to-regret-it-for-the-rest-of-your-life night). I definitely have a lot of food-related moments I’ve really come to regret.

  10. Raji says:

    hahaha! 6 th point 🙂

  11. patti says:

    Very funny!-

    Your picture choices were perfect- totally emphasizing your 7 “good” ideas gone bad.
    Made me laugh-Thanks

  12. SpaceAgeSage says:

    What a fun and funny post! I’m sure there is an 8th one out there somewhere about thinking that a cheap motel on a road trip is a good idea, too.

    Thanks for the laughs!

  13. pelf says:

    I didn’t know that there is an “end” to a MONOPOLY game! LOL 😀

  14. Avani-Mehta says:

    All Nighter is the one I am guilty of. I don’t know what gets into us when we meet loved ones after a long time. But an all nighter is like a ritual – has to happen atleast once.

  15. Bill K. says:

    These are funny. Great list. It’s amazing how easily our minds can trick us into repeating the same mistakes over and over. And by amazing I mean agonizing, which means funny as hell to everybody else.

  16. Natural says:

    funny stuff. i with you on the board games, especially scrabble. i played with a friend one time and we haven’t played ever again. i won’t. kids are merciless when it comes to monopoly.

    I never had a hot pocket, is it like the White Castle burger that will tear your stomach up?

  17. Jesse Hines says:

    “Whether you burn the midnight oil to be productive, or simply wish to have an extra eight hours of fun, you will feel like a real-life zombie by the time the sun rears its luminous head and the birds start chirping.”

    Absolutely true.

    Maybe not so much when you’re younger, but the older you get–no question.

    Many times, I’ve stayed up all night so I could finish a project and because I want to have a really productive day working straight on through–by sunrise, I usually lie down to rest “for a few minutes” and end up sleeping till afternoon.

    Proper sleep is crucial to a productive day.

  18. Barbara Swafford: You are wiser than the average bear! But, I think a lot of people see these things as good ideas at some point in their life.

    Scott McIntyre: I shall see you October 31st for the most entertaining night humanity has ever known! All those in favor of fun, RSVP before spots run out.

    Marelisa: Thanks! Scott did indeed do a great job combining all elements of fun into the most funtastic of Halloweens!

    Raji: You have made the cheap Chinese food recently, haven’t you?

    Patti: I’m glad you enjoyed the visuals!

  19. SpaceAgeSage: Thank you! Staying at an extremely cheap hotel on a road trip… that’s a great one!

    pelf: I don’t think anyone knows for sure if there is an “end.” Just a rumor I heard.

    Avani-Mehta: When you see a loved one you haven’t seen in a long time it can be hard to not pull an all-nighter. I can relate to that.

    Bill K.: So true, Bill!

    Natural: The feeling is probably similar to eating a bunch of White Castle burgers… but a Hot Pocket is less satisfying.

    Jesse Hines: I agree with you that it is basically impossible to have a truly productive day without any sleep.

  20. Lance says:

    Very funny – I love it! I”m with Scott on this one too – that would really be funny (as long as I wasn’t the one partaking).

  21. Al at 7P says:

    Cheap Chinese food, that’s my kryptonite!

  22. technokid88 says:

    Halloween parties are great, it is true that dressing up too sounds good and will suck later on. I think your brother Bamboo was with me we went to some frat party. I went all out and dressed up on some werewolf custome, fur glued the face and all lol. I found out it looked cool but but kind of blocked me from macking on the hot girls lol. So i went ot the bathroom and washed all that crap off. It also got hot fast in it.

    It was a lesson learned.

    I love TV dinners. So don’t hate on it Verde

  23. Kris says:

    Everyone hates on hot pockets just because Jim Gaffigan did in his stand-up special! Still, funny list. Good job!

  24. Michael says:

    I will admit to doing all of these activities at least once, sometimes in the same day.

    @technokid88 I love TV dinners, too. They are delicious and the perfect meal for the 95% of the time I waste all of my money on video games instead of on food. I’d much rather eat $1 meals for two weeks than miss out on Guitar Hero.

    @Kris Not sure if you’re saying you like Hot Pockets or not, but I still do, even after laughing with friends while watching that special. As a matter of fact, I went and bought a few packages after watching that.

  25. Lance: Thank you!

    Al at 7P: It’s my kryptonite too!

    technokid: Your werewolf costume sounds pretty awesome, but uncomfortable.

    Kris: Thanks! I haven’t seen the stand-up special, but I don’t think anyone could eat one and feel great afterwards.

    Michael: These things are hard to resist.

  26. mommy gm says:

    when my kids got too old for trick or treating, we had halloween parties at the house. i learned early to be creative with the costumes–the effect isn’t so good if the wearer won’t keep everything on! also, don’t have too many accessories you have to carry around. halloween yay!!! chinese food in general, hot pockets, monopoly, ant farms, crowd surfing, BLEH!

  27. Chris says:

    Ugh…bad Chinese food is horrible. You can always tell because you feel like lying down or puking after like 5 minutes. But really good Chinese food-now that’s the stuff. Might be a tad expensive, but worth every penny.

  28. Paco says:

    No way! The only ones I agree with are 1, 4 and 7.

    And please explain how you can regret delicious, pepperoni-filled Hot-Pockets?

  29. Toni says:

    The biggest seemed like a good idea but wasn’t…getting pregnant….trust me.

  30. Beth says:

    I eat hot pockets all the time…and have never felt any ill effects, otherwise I wouldn’t still be eating them 😉

  31. Stephanie says:

    Hmm… I’ve run a Monopoly game all the way through, but not since I was a kid. I figure I’ll probably have to repeat that within about the next 5-7 years since I have kids of my own now, and they’re bound to discover that game one of these days.

    I’ve pulled about 40 hours with no sleep. I believe that was due to attending my dad’s wedding out of town while in college. Took a lot of sleep to recover from that trip!

    Hot pockets – yikes!

  32. marlene basdeo says:

    I am soo lacking of intelligence i eat hot pockets all the time and i always have to go after

  33. UR JURR says:

    The one about haloween is stupid because if you live somewhere cold during october like I do it is quite pleasent having a fur costume, fool. Hot pockets are delicious as well only reason they’re bad at night is because when youre drunk and have to eat somethin you gotta wait for it to cool before you eat it still tastes good though.

  34. Azy says:

    I’ve played Monopoly all the way through on many occasions, and I’ve won each time simply because I’m stubborn and can endure until all of my opponents are willing to start cheating against themselves just to end the game.

    I’ve eaten hot pockets and bad Chinese food without consequence.

    I’ve been an insomniac my entire life and have no idea what a real sleep schedule is like. I’m sure it’s heaven.

    I like ants.

    I don’t do Halloween.

    And without crowd surfers there would be no one to drop onto the concrete just before the moshing starts.

    There. I’ve had my moment of contradiction and impossibility for the day. I’m satisfied. ::grin::

    Take care,

  35. Dot H. says:

    Great list and unique idea. This might make a nice series — I’m sure there are a lot of other things that sound better in the hearing than in the experiencing.

  36. Mx says:

    crowd surfing = someone’s hand in your butt

  37. Our game of Monopoly always ended when my brother flung the board across the room in a snit.

  38. Mortal Light says:

    If you don’t like monopoly, then you’re not playing with the right people. It’s great when everyone’s making alliances with each other and selling property for cheetos. And when alcohol is involved, it’s even better…

  39. sir jorge says:

    i would add, getting a degree in interactive media design and working in the “field”. Good idea at first, ends horrible when you’re in a cubicle for years, only to be outsourced randomly and end up working at McDonalds….crap…I’m late for my shift!

  40. Mik says:

    How about playing Monopoly after pulling an all-nighter while eating a Hot Pocket?

  41. patti says:

    sir jorge- your funny!!

  42. eddie says:

    Crowd surfing’s loads of fun, i’ve done it for years and never been dropped, though i know people that have. Anyway, I’ve never regretted it.

    Staying up all night is easy once you get used to it and sleep deprivation can be a lot of fun.

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  44. Raachie says:

    So I’m sitting here on a Friday afternoon and I decide to do a little Stumblin’ So I come across this list while shoving CHOW MEIN down my throat and I nearly choke on its MSG goodness.

    Cheap Chinese FTW !

  45. hayley says:

    If you’re a girl, DO NOT go croudsurfing unless you want to be felt up.


  46. I like Hot Pockets… a lot. I only eat the pepperoni kind, though. Tastes just like a pizza.

  47. Kate says:

    Oh God, you must be spying on me. My seven year old has decided that he loves Monopoly and is making us crazy!!! It just keeps going!!!

  48. justin james says:

    Haha – These are fantastic – the list could go on and on.

  49. Corey says:

    I have a correction for number one:
    Very few brave men and women have survived a game of monopoly without cheating.

    I know I haven’t.

  50. Dogblaster says:

    I’ve finished many a game of monopoly, usually after no more than two hours. If you’ve never finished one its because you’re doing it wrong.

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