An Invisible Species is Facing Mass Genocide (And How I Discovered This Tragedy) « Pun Intended
Written by Bamboo Forest

Do you believe in other worlds as I do?

How about other dimensions?

Surely you don’t believe this planet is the only one with life.

Indeed, there are many more. And some realms of existence are even outside our dimension.

Over the weekend I discovered that there’s an entire dimension other than ours, and that a few governments, including the U.S. government, have been exploiting it for selfish gains in truly gruesome, tragic ways.

Do not read what follows if you don’t want to feel like your heart has been chopped up into a billion little pieces and devoured by a mean-spirited mongoose.

My Great Discovery

While waiting for the subway I was so bored I was driven to read a nearby sign.

Moments after reading, however, something truly bizarre happened.

The human like “images” in the sign that represent people were crying out to me in tears.

In an eerie cacophony of voices that sounded electronic in nature and with a low tone it was said to me:

“Bamboo, we’re dead but we can still communicate with you; your government and many of the world’s governments have been murdering us for the sake of using our bodies to place in the signs of your world so that your people obey their statutes.”

I felt so nauseous I had to sit down and bury my head in my hands knowing this atrocity was going on that practically no one’s aware of.

Well not anymore.

I’m telling the entire world.

Please realize I’m putting myself in grave danger by revealing this information to you. However, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself any longer were I not to tell others in hopes that we stop this genocide.

What I’m about to show you are beings just as real as me and you when they’re alive in their dimension. They have families, friends, and children, just like me and you.

When taken from their dimension, as soon as they’re “harvested” as the sick government f*cks like to call it, all that is left are bodies frozen in time that are later placed on signs. Their souls have long left them.

This tragedy is beyond words:

This father and son were murdered just outside of an assisted living facility. Such a tragedy, they didn’t even know what hit them.

This mother and son were murdered at a mall in the other dimension. Their souls are long gone. All that remains are their frozen bodies as they were just before they were wacked.

This one below really urks me. Right after I took a picture of this, which is the back of an ice cream truck adjacent to a playground, I walked over to get some pictures of murder victims at the playground. But I wasn’t able to actually click any shots because a PIG came over to me and asked me what I was doing trying to suggest I’m a pedophile.

I hope he’s reading this:

You son of a bitch PIG, I was TRYING to document a holocaust that’s occuring in our generation until you got all up in my business like there’s something inherently wrong with a grown man taking photos at a playground filled with children.

You make me sick.

This poor kid was murdered while rollerblading to school.

World governments engaging in these acts of murder just so they can have figures to use in their signs to show people their statutes is a holocaust that’s occurring in our times.

It’s an unspeakable tragedy. We have to put an end to it now.

Please do your part and spread the word.


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