Bestiality Sells: How Avatar Made $2 Billion « Pun Intended
Written by Flying LlamaFish

Illustration by *chikinrise

Does society shape our films, or do our films shape society?

Don’t bother answering; we’re screwed either way.

Avatar is officially the highest grossing movie of all time. Yes, a film that revolves around an interspecies love affair has won the hearts of the world in a way not accomplished since Titanic.

Are you disturbed?

Or like many, do you feel the Na’vi creatures are genetically close enough to us humans?

Perhaps you’re just going to let the bestiality slide?

Judge or do not judge, but let’s get real here.

According to science, we’re genetically 99% identical to apes. That’s fine and dandy. But, if I were to take Mighty Joe Young out to a romantic candlelit dinner, would you give me the thumbs up?

No way, buffet!

You’d shun me. You’d throw me to the wolves if you could.

Or perhaps I’m completely wrong. Maybe after thousands of years, human-to-human love doesn’t provide the thrill it once did. Maybe James Cameron tapped into the psyche of a culture ready for something new.

I hope not.

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