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Written by Bamboo Forest

Do you want to help us out, get an amazing iPhone app, and get a text link of your website on Pun Intended’s sidebar with your chosen anchor text? 

If you do, boy are you in luck!

Before I say another word: Just know, if you get involved in this, you will be helping us out in a HUGE way and we’ll be forever grateful.

Our goal is to sell as many copies of our app as humanly possible on the day we release it, as this will help us get on the charts and get the exposure we desperately need for this app to go the places we envision it can.

To get a text ad on the sidebar of Pun Intended just below the subscription button all you’ll need to do is buy our 99 cent app within 24 hours of when our app launches.

That’s it.

You won’t need to prove to us you bought it; just give us your word and we’ll believe you.

If you don’t have an iPhone you can still get involved because you can buy the app through itunes without an iPhone. Alternatively, you can have someone buy the app on your behalf.

First come first served: The first person who leaves a comment in the comment section or email’s us will get their text link at the number one position: Just below the subscribe button.

‘Follow Us on Twitter’ and ‘Greatest Hits’ will either be deleted or moved down to make room for all your text link ads.

If you don’t have a website, but want to take part and help us out, we’ll place your name on the sidebar if you wish.

Your link will stay live for a minimum of 6 months and I will write regularly on PI during this duration.

In 2012 we had 70k unique visitors. I anticipate that number will rise significantly as I write regularly again!

Are you ready to have a home on PI?

Then what are you waiting for?!

Leave us a message below or shoot us an email at punintendeduno [AT]
Can’t wait to hear from you!

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