December 21, 2012: A New Beginning « Pun Intended
Written by Bamboo Forest


With the arrival of the Mayan prophecy I’ve been inspired to post here, again.

Honestly, I’m not who you think I am. I’m a failure.

I’ve strived multiple ways to cash in on the interweb.

Recently I tried to become a mega star on YouTube–the effort crumbled–I only have seven subscribers.

None of you know about my attempts at becoming a YouTube star… I was ashamed to tell you, ashamed you’d laugh at me that yet again, I strived and I failed.

I penned this post three months ago setting it to publish now when the world would be devestated by meteors and famines. Honestly, I could never live with myself if I posted this while  living. I would die of shame, embarrassment and deep feelings of inadequacy that every time I went for the goal, I missed by galaxies.

My legacy will be no greater than that of a dead carpenter ant. My life will be seen as a pathetic attempt to be somebody (the stunningly pathetic YouTube videos below will demonstrate this excruciatingly well).

Please enjoy (at my expense) the three YouTube videos I made a year ago under the moniker Bliss Monk:

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