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Written by Bamboo Forest

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Ever since me and my brother started our new site, Spicy Tornado, and I’ve been drawing illustrations for it, I’ve kind of lost sight of writing copy.

To be perfectly honest, drafting blog posts is a royal pain in the butt. Anyone who runs a blog can attest to this.

But then one day, out of left field, I received an email from Daniel Scocco of DailyBlogTips, asking me if I wanted to write a weekly post for his blog since he’s currently swamped with other projects.

Reading his offer I was filled with euphoria like a light bulb that’s been off for years and then spontaneously turns on and emits light throughout the universe.

Like the goof ball that I am, I replied to his email with “YES!” in size 80 font and then ran out the door skipping and jumping like a 5 year old who’s just been told by his parents he’s going on a 2 week vacation to Disney Land.

I skipped all the way to the local Whole Foods, and because of my euphoric mood, I started skipping down each aisles singing “We will, we will, rock you! “ while everyone looked at me like I was on drugs, which of course I was, but my drug of choice is called LIFE.

I was in such a state of ecstasy that I was oblivious to the world until a security guard approached me and told me that I can’t “run” in the store. Apparently this doofus doesn’t know the difference between skipping and running. What an ass.

I happen to be standing near a sampling of cheeses when he approached, and so I ignored him for a few moments, took the prongs, and started piling tons of cheese into my hand and then shoved the pile in my mouth…  I looked back at the security guard while chewing a baseball size pile of cheese and said “Yes sensei.” I then left this place that apparently has no love for the great opportunity I had just been given!

Just goes to show you, haters are everywhere.

As you probably know, DailyBlogTips is one of the biggest blogs in the world weighing in at 53,000 subscribers.

So getting this opportunity to do a weekly post for this blog has really reignited my excitement for writing copy… which is why I’m writing for Pun Intended again even though I’ve never made a bloody cent from it.

I’ve already written four posts for Daniel since he’s given me this great opportunity. But for old time’s sake, I’ll give a link below of every guest post I’ve ever written for Daniel of DailyBlogTips.

Bamboo Forest is back in action. Can you say awesome?

Bamboo Forest hitting the mic on DailyBlogTips (Booya Baby!)

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