How Blogging Destroys Misery « Pun Intended
Written by Bamboo Forest

Starry Night for PI
Illustration by Alex Ruiz

Some days are the pits. Those days being grateful for life becomes an insurmountable hurdle. The hurdle’s height shrinks, though, when I get home and write for PI. While writing I triumphantly leap above it, landing on the other side knowing that this life is worth it all. And that there’s great things to come.

With this blog I can escape into any realm I desire and become anyone I desire.

It’s magical.

I can become like a heavenly angel that knows no sorrows. Or a hell demon that knows only vengeance.

And I don’t have to do it all at once, mind you. A post can be like a video game where you return multiples times over days before completion or a painter’s canvas making as many or as few brush strokes at a time before it’s finished. I receive my doses of escape as needed. Through my escape from a painful world masterpieces are created, or at least I like to think so.

I’ve seen many shrinks in my life and all have failed to do what they promised. This blog, however, has fulfilled its promise every time: Getting me out of my mind, into other minds, and other worlds leaving behind all my problems and worries.

And the most beautiful thing?

As I escape, so do you.

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