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Written by Flying LlamaFish

Once every decade (or so) a movie comes along that forever influences the movie making process.

Let me provide you with some examples:

  • 30s: Gone With The Wind
  • 40s: Citizen Kane
  • 60s: 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • 70s: Star Wars
  • 80s: Indiana Jones

Well, the 90s eventually came around and Bill Cosby didn’t waste any time. The quintessential movie of the decade was released in the year 1990. The film I am referring to, of course, is Ghost Dad.

The premise of the movie speaks for itself: Basically, Mr. Cosby’s character dies and comes back as a ghost. Not even death will keep him from taking care of his three children.

So, here is how to fully enjoy Halloween in 5 easy steps:

  1. Put Ghost Dad in your DVD or VCR player
  2. Munch on some candy corn and guzzle a 64 oz. Mr. Pibb
  3. Get comfortable
  4. Press play
  5. Let the good times roll

Forget Trick-or-Treating. Forget Halloween parties. All of the Halloween you’ll ever need is packed into 83 minutes of cinematic glory.

Did I mention Ghost Dad can walk through walls and float?

Brought to you by Day 5 of Halloweelection

13 Responses to “Make This Halloween a Ghost Dad Halloween”
  1. Tabbie says:

    Sweet! It makes me wonder…if McCain gets elected and then dies in office, will he be a Ghost President? Will he speak to Palin? Will he speak through Palin? Will Palin speak in tongues? The questions go on and on. 😛

    *Tabbie runs off with a bucket of butter-free popcorn and an enormous diet Mr. Pibb to watch Bill Cosby in all his ghostly glory.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

  3. Tabbie: I think only Bill Cosby and some of his closest advisers know the answer to that. Enjoy your Mr. Pibb!

    Vered: My pleasure!

  4. Writer Dad says:

    I saw Ghost Dad in the theater with my sister on opening day. I remember thinking it was terrible, but I bet twenty years later, terrible will equal funny.

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  6. Evelyn Lim says:

    I don’t watch horror shows. I don’t enjoy scaring myself. Is this a horror or humorous show?

  7. @ Evelyn: Its a humorous show. Certainly not in the realm of horror.

  8. Writer Dad: I think you would be right!

  9. Where have I been? I never even heard of this movie. Thanks for the Halloween tip.

  10. Hi Flying Llama Fish – Did you say “forget trick or treating?” Maybe we’ll watch the movie AFTER we’ve passed out all of the candy.

  11. Oktober Five says:

    Does he pretend to ralph into a toilet? Seeing him do it as himself is one thing, but as a ghost would revolutionize the experience.

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