North Dakota Doesn’t Exist « Pun Intended
Written by Flying LlamaFish

Have you ever met anyone from North Dakota?

Ever visited the place?

If you answered yes to either question, you are either lying or delusional. North Dakota isn’t real.

For 121 years now, weirdies have been perpetuating the myth that North Dakota exists. While the origins of this urban legend are unknown, it’s fun to speculate on.

Perhaps President Benjamin Harrison wanted to see if he could pull a fast one on the American public. Or maybe South Dakotans were ashamed of the fact that they border Canada.

No matter how this lie was spread, it’s undeniably one of the greatest hoaxes of all time.

To this day, the majority of Americans continue to fall for the “39th state.” In a recent AP poll, 99.3% of adults surveyed indicated that they believe North Dakota is real.

I hope to change that. I yearn to open the eyes of a people deceived for far too long.

I ask you, my glorious readership, to help me in my quest to spread the truth.

I’ll be honest with you, if you join me, the road ahead will be difficult. Naysayers will look at you like you’re mentally unstable (Oh, the irony).

They will spit out faulty arguments, like:

“I’ve seen the film Fargo. It clearly takes place in North Dakota. The state just has to exist.”

I wonder if these same people would be willing to argue that Gotham City, Narnia, and Middle Earth are real?

We must be patient though, for it takes time to wash away ignorance.

If everyone of you can convince even just one misinformed soul of the truth, we shall triumph.

After all, The 49 states that make up the union deserve better than the lie that is          “North Dakota.”

Shout it from the rooftops people,

North Dakota is a lie!

62 Responses to “North Dakota Doesn’t Exist”
  1. Bamboo Forest says:

    Thank you, brother, for alerting the public to this bizarre misinformation that’s been misleading the public for far too long.

  2. Alien Ghost says:

    Unbelievable! Now I am ashamed of myself; living in ignorance for so long. And even though I’ve never been there (of course) I’ve been wearing a t shirt that reads “North Dakota” Now I can’t bear the feeling of who knows how many people was laughing in my back.

    It is time to get things straight. Count me in for the revolution!


  3. Flying LlamaFish says:

    Bamboo: My pleasure. I hope we can make the world see again.

    Alien Ghost: Do not be ashamed. It’s not your fault you were mislead. Now that you are armed with the truth, you will be unstoppable. Welcome on board!

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha. That was so funny. I knew it was a myth! North Dakota doesn’t exist. That’s hysterical. What these marketers will come up with to make us think there are 50 states. I loved it. Unfortunately, I do believe in Narnia.


  5. […] Another cup of delicious fresh brewed blog copy. I’ve been actively participating in blog discussions. My favorite so far is Barbara’s blog called bloggingwithoutablog. She has set her site up to be an active classroom. It’s fun. I love the people in there. One guy just cracks me up with his post called North Dakota Doesn’t Exist. […]

  6. JeffR says:

    Finally! The truth is out! It’s just a big conspiracy!!!

  7. Flying LlamaFish says:

    Julie: Welcome to the revolution. Let’s open some eyes!

    JeffR: Spread the word, brother!

  8. patti says:

    That was so funny!!!- I remember when I was a stewardess- asking my new roommate, who was from Alabama- Do people actually live there?
    She has not- to this day- forgotten that idiotic comment. And North Dakota is even more obscure- great post!!! Loved it!!

  9. suzen says:

    This is brilliant! Glad I stopped by and will again!

  10. Flying LlamaFish says:

    Patti: Glad you you enjoyed it! I can understand asking that. I have wondered if like North Dakota, Alabama is a myth.

    Suzen: Thanks! Welcome to the P.I. Universe. Come by anytime!

  11. A Bisht says:

    I still wonder, how can such a misinformations exist. An entire mythical state. In my own country, people do use some mythical town names. But this is a real surprise to me.

  12. Haley says:

    Guess I’m just living in a place that doesn’t exist then. Too bad it’s not real, everyone says their economy is kicking every other states butt, and the people there still have a small-community bond even though the major cities are growing like you wouldn’t believe. In this no land I saw developments go up with 40 houses in a snap. Best place to live ever..but I guess it’s not real.

    Actually it’s real and all the other states are jealous that we’re up here tanning in our warm summer sun with an amazing economy (budget surplus) with nice people surrounding us in our communities.

    Lots of jobs up here, too. We’re just that amazing.

    • Silas says:

      Thank god one person knows their head from their ass. I stumbled upon wat ever site this is but ur the first person who has told these morons that the (701) ((for all u tards thats no dak)) is the cats ass. None of u outta state shit talkers are welcome here then or now as our state becomes richer than the rest of the country. U can work at McDonald’s for diddly squat while I make 90k a year. Sorry Haley I ranted but I’m hyped someone from our state said sumthin

  13. FenixGoddess says:

    But, North Dakota DOES exist! I was there….and so was Auntie Em…and Uncle Henry…and…YOU WERE THERE!!!!!

    Oh wait…sorry…that was Oz….my bad…You were right! NORTH DAKOTA DOESN’T EXIST!!!!

  14. ALex says:

    im from north dakota i think, or is it a goverment conpiracy. ur all retarded. good bye

  15. Aaron says:


  16. Kalbe says:

    I have lived in ND my whole life! I can’t believe how stupid America is getting! Maybe Obama was on the right track with having school in the Summer and on holidays!

  17. Maddie says:

    Well…I guess I must be living on the moon er something…cause I have lived in this state for 16 years of my life.

  18. Tasha says:

    I know for a fact that Alabama does exist
    I have visited there and stayed with relatives hat live there

  19. L C Monceaux says:

    Great troling, there!

  20. Brian says:

    Don’t listen to these people who claim to be from North Dakota! I tried to drive through once, but then I briefly blacked out and found myself in Montana.

    Don’t believe the lie!!

  21. Robert says:

    Yes…It is true…North Dakota is a lie! All you worthless, lazy, dead-brained people, don’t bother looking for it. They (fake North Dakotans) say, “Forty below keeps out the riff-raff.” That’s just how we like it…err…that’s just how they like it! Stay out of the vicinity of what is surmised to be North Dakota, we..they don’t want your two-bit hides close to our peace of heaven.

  22. Bridget langan says:

    Umm yeah it does exist you guys are so dumb i live in north dakota and there is lots of people who live here maybe u guys should research north dakota!!! God you people are dumb!!

    • donald16 says:

      go bridget, whoever you are. i also live in north dakota and i know that it is the most awesome state in these 49 united states. i say 49 because i dont believe in rhode island, its not even an island.

  23. Bridget langan says:

    Yeah and also where #1 in wheat production and were called the wheat basket of the world shut your mouth about nd isnt real!!

  24. Diane says:

    And all these years of living here and I’ve never once questioned it. Does this mean I’m nonexistent as well?

  25. Diane says:

    Also Bridget, you are obviously unfamiliar with the idea of sarcasm…

  26. Jake says:

    I find it thoroughly entertaining that so many people would actually think that this is a legitimate conspiracy theory. This is the Internet people. Do you also believe in the flying spaghetti monster or people giving birth to alien babies? Get a sense of humor Neanderthals.

  27. North dakotan says:

    Wow I’m fifteen and I live In north Dakota and I apparently have surpassed these ass wipes In knowledge of our country, I’m a sophomore in a small town called tioga, the oil capital, every day in first period In school i go to a class called north Dakota history, how can u honestly believe north Dakota doesn’t exist? you jack asses!

  28. Kinkles says:

    Bridget, the irony in calling us “dumb!!” is overwhelming.

  29. Colleen says:

    Oh, you people from North Dakota, get a sense of humor. I lived there for eleven years, loved it, and am not ashamed of making fun of it once in a while. It is a wonderful, odd place, and I love it!

    • Cait says:

      I know! I love this place! I’ve been here for all my 18 years and these people that are upset surprise me. This was honestly funny and why people would feel disgruntled because of it is just beyond me.

    • Joe says:

      16 years 😛

  30. Nancy says:

    I have lived in North Dakota all my life you people are crazy!!! What about NDSU??? North Dakota State University!!!

  31. Seth says:

    Hahahahahah this is funny as hell, i live here in North Dakota and this is funny as hell, how stupid some people can be xD get a lifee dche bags!

  32. 8thperiodenglish says:

    So we are 10 sophomores in Fargo, North Dakota sitting here in a circle in English class laughing at how stupid all of this is. I promise you North Dakota exists. To Brian, you blacked out and ended up in Montana? That’s a different problem, lay off the booze. We are a party state. Might I add, the author of the this “article”‘s username is “Flying Llamafish.” Case Closed.

    • jamea says:

      U r fucking dumb north Dakota is connected to Fairview Mt it is low populated but it is alive and well I know because I can walk there u dip shit and just because uve never been there don’t mean it does not exist grow up stupid ppl like u puss me off

      • thelaughingman says:

        ND isnt connected to Fairview dumbass. Fairview sits on the border and is divided into to parts for each state Fairview and West Fa

  33. North Dakota livin says:

    Wow the whole auntie em…that was Kansas…yeah when everyone esle had crappy economies, ND was doing just fine, apparently they didn’t hear about the aproximate 500,000 barrels of oil ND was pumping out EVERYDAY in Dec. of 2011. Your welcome American gas consumers. And keep in mind if ND was to succeed, we’d be the world’s 3rd biggest nuclear power.

  34. North Dakota is real says:

    you guys are all a bunch of idiots. of course north dakota is real. They have the best flight school in the country in the University of North Dakota, as well as one of the best hockey programs in the nation.

  35. Cait says:

    Ok, I’m an ND resident and I found this hillarious. I travel alot and when you tell people you’re from ND they’re like, “really?”. I’ve even had people ask me where ND is, do we still travel by horse and my fave, is it true that we have a church at every corner and almost no bars. So claiming that ND doesn’t exsist is very entertaining. Now, I’m only 18 so I’m still learing but wasn’t this whole thing a joke? Cause if it is, I can see no reason why all these ND residents are flipping out. Chill a little.
    P.S. Just like to say, most of the movie Fargo was filmed in MN and based on a true story that occured in MN. So Fargo pretty much just contributed the name.

    • andy says:

      the move fargo was shot in MN and ND Cait and the true story was from ND.

      • Sam says:

        No most of the movie was shot in MN, only a few bits were in ND. BUT the Coen brothers actually used several different incidents when coming up with the plot, one being about a woman named Helle Kraft who disappeared in November 1986 from Connecticut. So the true story didn’t happen in ND or MN.

  36. Nate says:

    K I know that this was just a joke and all but for the people that actually agreed with the post really did u not learn about ur states in school or somethin or been paying attention to the news lately cause the Bakken formation down here in North Dakota, and I would know about the Bakken cause I live 120 miles away from it I got an oil pump on my land right know so go back to school or pay attention to the news

  37. Disgruntled Narnian says:

    Fargo isnt real…. I LIVE IN NARNIA!!!!!!!!!

  38. thelaughingman says:

    So people are still arguing about ND? If it doesnt exist then why do we still talk about it? Just let it go already. Why waste your time arguing about something as stupid as this when you could be having fun? Or do you just waste your life on the internet instead of going outside and exersice something other then your fingers to type and click? And yes i do live in ND and if you say it doesnt exist then i’m patty the leprechaun and i ride unicorns and slide down rainbows! So have fun arguing about something non important when i got to the neverland to talk to peter pan and tinker bellabout how to beat captain hook. Because if ND doesnt exist then why cant the neverland exist hmm?

  39. max says:

    Are you retarded? i live there!

  40. Bob says:

    Ummm… You all do realize that the movie Fargo ALSO takes place in Minneapolis, Minnesota. -_-

  41. Kym says:

    OK, This is a joke! Chill people! It’s funny! I’m from SD, and I’ll be moving to ND in a couple months to go to college. ND is real, this is just a funny little post. Chill your pants children.

    PS: I found it quite entertaining 🙂

  42. Brittany says:

    I would like to point out that ND is the richest state in the U.S. 🙂

  43. Slartiblartfast says:

    Good grief! Next you people will be trying to persuade folks that Lichtenstein is real! Just because it’s in print or on a map doesn’t make it so!

  44. Kraz435 says:

    *Climbs to the top of his roof in Grand Forks, ND*
    “North Dakota is a lie! Oh, wait…”

  45. unbound says:

    Thank you for exposing the truth. There was a time when I believed I was actually raised in North Dakota. I even thought that I lived in 3 different cities (talk about delusional) while growing up, and attended that fictional university, North Dakota State University.

    But we must spread the truth further. Even the NCAA is starting to believe that North Dakota exists, claiming that this fictional NDSU won a Division I football championship. But there is still hope for the NCAA as they may suspect it is an illusion since they sent the banner to the wrong fictional city.

    My eyes have been opened. I spent over 2 decades in a dream. Don’t make the same mistake!!

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