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Written by Bamboo Forest

Welcome, children.

I feel like a father to each and every one of you.

And I also have a major announcemnt:

Bamboo Forest and Flying LlamaFish have started a t-shirt company:


But what’s important is that we’re offering a 10% discount to all our Pun Intended readers.

Our prices are already very competitive and this will make it so that you simply get that much better of a deal!

Click the following link to see our store and our shirts:


10 % Discount code that expires on 12/31: hani

What We Have to Offer You

Currently, we only have four shirts but we’ll be adding eight more soon.

Let’s take a looky at the stupendous merchandise!


Shirt 1: View in Store

Commemorate the extinction of those massive creatures that once roamed this ball of spinning ice you like to call Earth.


Shirt 2: View in Store

Everyone knows that my hero is the world’s most interesting man. Now you can wear what he wears when he’s dressing casual.


Shirt 3: View in Store

Ever been to a juice box party? Bring this shirt to your next one and you’ll blow people’s minds.


Shirt 4: View in Store

Slavery has run rampant on the planet of Tatooine for far too long. Come together and rise up with this stylish tee.


If we’ve ever brought a smile to your magical face, please check out our brand new t-shirt store!   


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  1. Well call me Rufus and slap me in the epidermis, these here shirts are the bees knees!

  2. Ferb says:

    I already got a lot of shirt.

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