7 Weirdest Olympic Sports « Pun Intended
Written by Flying LlamaFish

1. Synchronized Swimming

Synchronized Swimmers

Is there anything more pure and beautiful than dancing in unison with a few of your closest friends, in a large body of chlorine, while sporting shower caps?

This Olympic event is the perfect fusion of swimming and contemporary dance.

2. Curling


Of all the weird Olympic sports, curling is by far the weirdest. Competitors help guide a 42-pound granite stone towards a target — on a giant sheet of ice — using brooms.

Some of the world’s finest janitors have gone on to successful curling careers.

See it with your own eyes:

3. Racewalking
Speed Walking
This Olympic event is exactly what it sounds like. A bunch of competitors speed walk to the finish line. If you break into a jog, you are immediately disqualified.

Racewalking is actively practiced by more people on a regular basis than any other Olympic sport. Let’s just say Young Urban Professionals dominate.

4. Pommel Horse

What happens when you take break dancing out of the streets and into the suburbs?

The Pommel Horse event.

5. Biathlon


Like Oreos and milk and Romeo and Juliet, cross country skiing and rifle shooting simply belong together… or so the Olympic Committee seems to think.

In this event, competitors ski race along a flat, snowy surface with a rifle attached to their backs. They must periodically stop and fire their rifles at targets.

Sounds like funny business to me.

6. Fencing

In the good old days, petty arguments were settled with the sword. Modern day duels however, take place on the Olympic stage and end with award ceremonies instead of death.

If you have a score to settle, pick up fencing. You may even win a medal or two.

7. Bobsledding

Bobsled 2

What’s a roller coaster enthusiast living in the arctic to do? Take up bobsledding of course.

Eskimos all over the world come together during the Winter Olympics to see whose sled packs the meanest punch.

If you’re interested in bobsledding but don’t fancy the cold, check out the 1993 classic, Cool Runnings, which tells the inspirational story of the 1988 Jamaican bobsled team.


15 Responses to “7 Weirdest Olympic Sports”
  1. I walk all over the place and at lightning speeds, mind you. I think I’ll prep myself for the next summer Olympics tryouts. Wow, I just know I can get the gold! Racewalking, here I come!

  2. Flying LlamaFish says:

    Bamboo: I have no doubt you will go gold in 2012.

  3. Herbert says:

    In my younger years, I actually trained for the biathlon. Almost made it to the ‘48 games too. If it wasn’t for my bum knee, I would have shown Switzerland how we ski and shoot in the P.I. Universe. This here website article sure brings me back.

  4. Flying LlamaFish says:

    Herbert: You may have never won your bronze medal, but you were elected president of the P.I. Universe. You’ve certainly left your mark.

  5. suzen says:

    Curling is beyond a doubt THE most boring thing I have ever tried! Like are you kidding? You sweep the ice???? I have more fun moping my kitchen!
    How sad is that? And this is SPORT? Wow, what a calorie burn – NOT!

  6. Some of these are indeed weird.

  7. Flying LlamaFish says:

    suzen: If you can mop like a champ, I have no doubt you can compete with world class curlers.

    Vered: Fo shizzle!

  8. I never did get those and typically I never watch them either? I love the humor in it.

    The one I do like, freestyle ski jumping. Now that’s cool!

  9. john williams says:

    very very good just like emil heskey

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